IE Expo China 2021

The 2021 China World Expo ends perfectly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center! After the epidemic, the exhibition site became more popular. The enthusiasm of exhibitors and visitors was high. Masks blocked each other's breathing, but they could not prevent everyone from communicating face-to-face. In this exhibition, Shanghai Chunye Technology exhibits attracted much attention, and the booth was full of popularity and harvest!

The small partners of Shanghai Chunye Technology actively serve customers who come to consult, and provide customers with a comprehensive and professional service experience through patient and meticulous explanations.

T9040 Multi-parameter monitoring system

It is made of carbon steel and painted with carbon steel, which is sturdy and durable and has a long service life. 7-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, the picture is clear and intuitive, at a glance, and the data can be read directly. It is widely used in swimming pool water, industrial circulating water, water plant, secondary water supply, pipe network water, direct drinking water, surface water, river water and other occasions.

The monitor can automatically and continuously work for a long time according to on-site settings, and is widely used in industrial pollution source discharge wastewater, industrial process wastewater, industrial sewage treatment plant sewage, municipal sewage treatment plant sewage and other occasions. According to the complexity of the field test conditions, the corresponding pretreatment system can be selected to ensure the reliability of the test process and the accuracy of the test results, and fully meet the field requirements of different occasions.

The Shanghai World Expo in 2021 is successfully concluded. Thank Shanghai Chunye's small partners for their three-day hard work and their enthusiastic guidance, and thank new and old friends for their support and trust along the way! Shanghai Chunye Technology will, as always, provide you with superior performance, cost-effective products and high-quality after-sales service!

Post time: Apr-20-2021