The 3rd Shanghai International Smart Environmental Protection and Environmental Monitoring Exhibition

The exhibition covers an area of 30,000 square meters. Nearly 500 well-known enterprises in the industry have settled in. Exhibitors cover a wide range. Through the subdivision of the exhibition area, the advanced product technology of the water industry and the environmental protection industry is fully displayed to provide customers with complete, efficient and direct whole-industry chain service. It is a great honor for Chunye Instrument to be invited to participate in this exhibition. Chunye Instrument's booth is located in a conspicuous position, with a good geographical location and excellent brand reputation, which makes the flow of people in front of Chunye Instrument's booth undiminished.The scene is also the public's recognition and affirmation to the Chunye instrument brand.

The 3rd Shanghai International Smart Environmental Protection and Environmental Monitoring Exhibition ( Shanghai·National Convention and Exhibition Center) ended successfully!

The exhibition scale of this exhibition reached 150,000 square meters, gathered more than 1,600 environmental companies, and exhibited more than 32,000 products. It is a worldwide large-scale environmental protection display platform.

In these 3 days, all the staff provide full enthusiasm and professional and meticulous reception,

affirmed by many customers. During the exhibition, the booth of Shanghai Chunye was crowded and lively! Let's review its Highlights during the exhibition~

Shanghai Chunye Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. made a stunning appearance at this exhibition with new products, and showed visitors at the exhibition site the advantages of the floating water quality monitoring station in an all-round way.

The "Floating Water Quality Monitoring Station" is designed according to different application scenarios, and can operate reliably in various harsh outdoor environments, with low power consumption, high stability, high precision, and unattended operation. Complete protection measures such as lightning protection and anti-interference. Both hardware and software adopt modular combined open design, which can be combined flexibly. The communication method can be selected according to the transmission distance as needed to provide customized products for the solution. The monitoring factors can be selected according to actual needs, and the modular design greatly facilitates the debugging and upgrading of the later equipment, and about 10 parameters can be selected. The sensor is designed with high-precision optics, electrochemistry and other technologies, and at the same time has automatic cleaning and calibration functions, and low maintenance. Floating data can be connected to the cloud platform in real time, and has an open communication interface, supports the GB212 data transmission protocol, and can seamlessly connect to environmental protection platforms or water conservancy, ecological and other monitoring platforms.

The hot scenes on the scene attracted the "HB Live" column team specially to interview. In an interview, the sales manager of Shanghai Chunye enthusiastically introduced the six major products launched in this exhibition, including water quality multi-parameter monitors, floating water quality monitoring stations, water quality online monitoring systems, controller series, sensor series and experiments Room series and so on. 

Shanghai Chunye is rushing forward on the journey of innovation, and will continue to make breakthroughs and create more high-quality products.

All the differences are for a better encounter again. With the passage of time, everyone's enthusiasm is soaring, and the smart environmental protection exhibition has come to an end in the eyes of everyone!

Post time: Jun-02-2021