T6038 On-line Acid, Alkali and Salt Concentration Meter Electromagnetic Conductivity Transmitter

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Industrial on-line water quality monitoring and control instrument with microprocessor. The instrument is widely used in thermal power, chemical industry, steel pickling and other industries, such as regeneration of ion exchange resin in power plant, chemical industry process, etc., to continuously detect and control the concentration of chemical acid or alkali in aqueous solution.

  • Model NO: T6038
  • Basic error: +/- 1% F.S
  • Type: Concentration Analyzer
  • Certification: ISO9001, RoHS, CE, ISO9001, RoHS, CE

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On-line Acid and Alkali Salt Concentration Meter T6038

Industrial online conductivity meter is a microprocessor-based water quality online monitoring control instrument, the salinometer measures and supervises the salinity (salt content) by conductivity measurement in fresh water. The measured value is displayed as percent and by comparing the measured value to a user defined alarm set point value, relay outputs are available to indicate if salinity is above or below the alarm set point value.
Typical Use
This instrument is widely used in power plants, petrochemical industry,metallurgical electronics, mining industry, paper industry, medicine, food and beverage, water treatment, modern agricultural planting and other industries. It is suitable for softening water, raw water, steam condensate water, seawater distillation and deionized water, etc. It can continuously monitor and control the Acid, Alkali, Salt Concentration and temperature of aqueous solutions.
Mains Supply
85~265VAC±10%,50±1Hz, power ≤3W;
9~36VDC, power consumption≤3W;
Measuring Range
HCL: 0~18%, 22%~36%;
NaOH: 0~16%;
NaCL: 0~10%;
CaCL2: 0~22%;

On-line Acid and Alkali Salt Concentration Meter T6038

Measuring Range

1.Large display, standard 485 communication, with online and offline alarm, 144*144*118mm meter size, 138*138mm hole size, 4.3 inch large screen display.

2.The data curve recording function is installed, the machine replaces the manual meter reading, and the query range is arbitrarily specified, so that the data is no longer lost.

3.It can be matched with our high-quality stainless steel, PBT quadrupole conductivity electrode, and the measurement range covers 0.00us/cm-2000ms/cm; NaOH: 0 - 16%; CaCL2: 0 - 22%; NaCL: 0 - 10%; HCL: 0~18%, 22%~36% to meet your measurement requirements for various working conditions.

4.Built-in conductivity/resistivity/salinity/total dissolved solids measurement functions, one machine with multiple functions, meeting the requirements of various measurement standards.

5.The design of the whole machine is waterproof and dustproof, and the back cover of the connection terminal is added to extend the service life in harsh environments.

6.Panel/wall/pipe installation, three options are available to meet various industrial site installation requirements.

Electrical connections

Electrical connection The connection between the instrument and the sensor: the power supply, output signal, relay alarm contact and the connection between the sensor and the instrument are all inside the instrument. The length of the lead wire for the fixed electrode is usually 5-10 meters, and the corresponding label or color on the sensor Insert the wire into the corresponding terminal inside the instrument and tighten it.

Instrument installation method
Technical specifications
HCL 0 ~ 18%
HCL 22 ~ 36%
NaOH 0 ~ 16%
NaCL 0 ~ 10%
CaCL2 0 ~ 22%
Temperature -10~150℃
Resolution ±0.3℃
Temperature compensation Automatic or manual
Current output 2 Rd 4~20mA
Communication output RS 485 Modbus RTU
Other function Data recording, curve display, data uploading
Relay control contact 3 Groups: 5A 240VAC,5A 28VDC or 120VAC
Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC, Power: ≤3W
The work environment In addition to the earth's magnetic field around no

strong magnetic field interference

The environmental temperature -10~60℃
Relative humidity No more than 90%
Protection grade

The instrument weight



Instrument dimensions 144*144*118mm
Mounting hole dimensions 138*138mm
Installation Embedded, wall - mounted, pipeline

CS3790 Electromagnetic Conductivity Sensor

Order Number
Product Details Number
Temperature Sensor PT1000 N3

Cable Length

10m m10
15m m15
20m m20

Cable Connection

Boring tin A1
Y Splitter A2
Single pin A3

Model No.


Measuring Mode


Housing Material


Waterproof Rating


Measuring Range




Pressure Range


Temperature Compensation


Temperature Range



Standard solution calibrate and field calibration

Connection Methods

7 core cable

Cable Length

Standard 10m cable, can be extended


General application, river, lake,drink water, environment protection ,etc

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