T6075 High Accuracy Suspended Solids Water Tester Digital SS Meter For Water Testing

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The principle of the sludge concentration sensor is based on the combined infrared absorption and scattered light method. The ISO7027 method can be used to continuously and accurately determine the sludge concentration.According to ISO7027 infrared double-scattering light technology is not affected by chromaticity to determine the sludge concentration value. The self-cleaning function can be selected according to the use environment. Stable data, reliable performance; built-in self-diagnosis function to ensure accurate data; simple installation and calibration.This instrument is an analytical measurement and control instrument with highly
precision.Only skilled,trained or authorized person should carry out installation, setup and operation of the instrument.Ensure that the power cable is physically separated from the power supply when connection or repair.Once the safety problem occurs, make sure that the power to the instrument is off and disconnected.

  • Measurement range: 0~500~5000mg/L;0~50~100g/L
  • Temperature: 0~50℃
  • Current outputs: Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
  • Signal output: RS485 MODBUS RTU
  • Working temperature: -10~60℃
  • Waterproof rating: IP65
  • Relative humidity: ≤90%

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Suspended Solids

Online Suspended Solids Meter T6075

Suspended Sludge Sensor RS485 Modbus TSS Sensor for WTP
Suspended Sludge Sensor RS485 Modbus TSS Sensor for WTP
Suspended Sludge Sensor RS485 Modbus TSS Sensor for WTP

The principle of the sludge concentration sensor is based on

the combined infrared absorption and scattered light method. The ISO7027 method can be used to continuously and accurately determine the sludge concentration.

According to ISO7027 infrared double-scattering light technology is not affected by chromaticity to determine the sludge concentration value. The self-cleaning function can be selected according to the use environment. Stable data, reliable performance; built-in self-diagnosis function to ensure accurate data; simple installation and calibration.

Typical Use

The online suspended solids meter is an online analytical instrument designed to measure the sludge concentration of water from waterworks, municipal pipeline  network, industrial process water quality  monitoring,  circulating cooling water, activated carbon filter effluent, membrane filtration effluent, etc. especially in the treatment of municipal sewage or industrial wastewater. Whether evaluating activated sludge and the entire biological treatment process, analyzing wastewater discharged after purification treatment, or detecting sludge concentration at different stages, the sludge concentration meter can give continuous and accurate measurement results.

Mains Supply

85~265VAC±10%,50±1Hz,power consumption ≤3W;
9~36VDC,power consumption:≤3W;

Measuring Range

Suspended Solids(sludge concentration): 0~99999mg/L

Online Turbidity Meter T6075


Measurement mode


Calibration mode


Trend chart


Setting mode


1.Large display, standard 485 communication, with online and offline alarm, 144*144*118mm meter size, 138*138 hole size, 4.3 inch large screen display.

2.The data curve recording function is installed, the machine replaces the manual meter reading, and the query range is arbitrarily specified, so that the data is no longer lost.

3.Real-time online recording of MLSS/SS, temperature data and curves, compatible with all water quality meters of our company.

4.0-500mg/L, 0-5000mg/L, 0-100g/L, a variety of measuring ranges are available, suitable for different working conditions, the measurement accuracy is less than ±5% of the measured value.

5.The new choke inductance of the power board can effectively reduce the influence of electromagnetic interference, and the data is more stable.

6.The design of the whole machine is waterproof and dustproof, and the back cover of the connection terminal is added to extend the service life in harsh environments.

7.Panel/wall/pipe installation, three options are available to meet various industrial site installation requirements.

Electrical connections

Electrical connection The connection between the instrument and the sensor: the power supply, output signal, relay alarm contact and the connection between the sensor and the instrument are all inside the instrument. The length of the lead wire for the fixed electrode is usually 5-10 meters, and the corresponding label or color on the sensor Insert the wire into the corresponding terminal inside the instrument and tighten it.

Instrument installation method


Technical specifications

Measurement range 0~500~5000mg/L;0~50~100g/L(Can be extended)
Measurement unit mg/L;g/L
Resolution 0.001mg/L;0.1g/L
Basic error ±1%F.S
Temperature 0~50℃
Temperature Resolution 0.1
Temperature Basic error ±0.3
Current outputs Two 4~20mA,20~4mA,0~20mA
Signal output RS485 MODBUS RTU
Other functions Data record &Curve display
Three relay control contacts 5A 250VAC,5A 30VDC
Optional power supply 85~265VAC,9~36VDC,power consumption≤3W
Working conditions No strong magnetic field interference around except the geomagnetic field. 
Working temperature -10~60℃
Relative humidity ≤90%
Waterproof rating IP65
Weight 0.8kg
Dimensions 144×144×118mm
Installation opening size 138×138mm
Installation methods Panel & wall mounted or pipeline

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